To celebrate Last Slow Song’s campaign at Kindle Scout, I’m going to do a Ebook-A-Day-Give-A-Way on Facebook!

My Author Page

Day one will be Jan. 23, 2018 at 9:00am EST. I’ll post a question each day after that, also at 9:00am EST. The last day will be Feb 18th! That’s 27 days of books!

Here’s how it works.

Last Slow Song is up at Kindle Scout. The first couple chapters are there for you to read and nominate if you like. (BTW – If Last Slow Song is chosen for publication, anyone that has it nominated at the end of the campaign will receive a copy for free and in advance.)

But I digress! Each day, starting on the above mentioned date, I’ll ask a question about the chapters available. The first person each day to answer the question correctly, will receive a free download of my erotic novella boxed set Home Is Where The Heat Is series. All four novellas in one!

Questions can be anything about what’s in the chapters and will change each day.

That’s it! Thanks for reading!


Candi Wall

I live on the beautiful coast of Maine with my wonderful husband, four great kids, a wonderful Son-in-law, and Daughter-in-law, an amazing granddaughter and grandson. I’m happy to say, I have two more granddaughters due this year!

By day, I run a landscaping business with my husband and am lucky enough to use my free time (what’s that?) as a writer. I was an animal control officer for six years and have a menagerie of four legged critters to show for it. (Currently three rescue dogs and two rescue cats.)

I grew up all over the world as an Army brat, and finally settled in Maine when I was nineteen. That was twent… well, let’s just say it was a long time ago, and I still love the beauty of the coast. Though the winters could be a touch less brutal.

Yep, my plate’s pretty full, but there is one undeniable passion that I have. One thing that will not let me ignore it for long. And that’s writing. After years of putting off my dream of becoming an author, in Feb. 2010, I finally made the time to sit down, do some research and start to learn what I needed to know to get published. Boy, was that a shock. Didn’t you just have to write the book? Yeah, okay.

Thank goodness for an amazing group of writers who keep my head tightly screwed on and my lines neatly corrected. With their wonderful support and incredible wealth of knowledge, I accomplished my dream of becoming an author in 2013.

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